A Look Back: Fourmile Canyon Fire

What I remember most was the wind. The howling, gusting, torrential winds coming off the mountains that day. Having just moved into our Nederland home six weeks prior, we spent the Labor Day holiday putting up a small shed. As my husband stood on the ladder, the winds spun the tin roofing material out of […]

Social Distancing for Trees?

“But I moved to the mountain to live in the woods. If I do fire mitigation, I won’t have any trees left. I love the trees!” It’s a common refrain I hear from people when the subject of fire mitigation comes up. Sometimes, I feel like the anti-Lorax. You know, the Dr. Seuss book, The […]

The First Five Feet

Piles of ashes surrounded by green trees. These are the enduring images I take away from photos of recent wildfires like the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. As a mountain resident, it’s hard to wrap my brain around these photos. How is it possible for a house to burn down when the trees around it […]

Getting Your Deck Ready for Wildfire Season

Years ago, my husband and I discussed our dream house – where would it be, what would it look like. “I want a house in the mountains. More than anything, I want to have a deck where I can hang out and see the mountains.” Years later, we got that mountain home in Nederland and […]