What’s Under Your Deck?

It’s so easy to do. We had just finished putting new decking on our deck and had some extra pieces left over. Where to put it? Under the deck! The area under the deck is easy to use as a catch-all for stuff. Stuff that you can’t fit into your garage, in your shed, inside […]

Are You Ready for Wildfire Season?

I remember the day we got our Wildfire Partners certificate. After working diligently for months, we finally completed all our Required Items. I sort of held my breath as our mitigation specialist walked around checking off the items. “Congratulations, you passed!” Whew.  We planted our Wildfire Partners sign out by the road. We were finally […]

So, You’ve Just Moved to the Foothills…

I remember the day we moved into our home in Nederland. For years, I’d dreamed of living in the mountains of Colorado. Cool summers, and views of snow capped peaks. Nirvana! Six weeks later, my husband burst into our house shouting “Get our stuff together – there’s a wildfire a mile away, we’ve got to […]

A Small But Mighty Mitigation Action

Have you ever evacuated in the middle of a firestorm? It can be a frightening, heart-pounding experience. Not only are you trying calm your nerves as you escape to safety, but you are trying to navigate roads in the pitch dark. You can barely see ten feet in front of your car. During a wildfire, […]