Wildfire Awareness Begins in Winter

Wanting to get some fresh air, we decided to go for a walk with the dogs in the neighborhood. Though it was getting dark, we had flashlights and sturdy winter boots. Suddenly, an orange glow permeated the dusky sky. Orange flames shot above the roof of the house just down the road. What was going […]

A La Nina Winter and Wildfires

I remember my first winter in Nederland. It was the night before Thanksgiving. I woke up at 2 a.m., because I literally felt the house moving, creaking. The wind was howling. I got up and stared out the upper windows that faced west. Huge lodgepole pines were bowing back and forth from the force of […]

Ember Showers

How can something so tiny cause so much destruction? An ember by itself seems so innocent – one tiny glowing speck. But make no mistake, embers or “firebrands” can ignite your home as easily as direct flame contact. Embers are usually pieces of twigs or branches that have caught fire. Think of a campfire – […]

A Look Back: Fourmile Canyon Fire

What I remember most was the wind. The howling, gusting, torrential winds coming off the mountains that day. Having just moved into our Nederland home six weeks prior, we spent the Labor Day holiday putting up a small shed. As my husband stood on the ladder, the winds spun the tin roofing material out of […]