Dec 30
Nov 04

A La Nina Winter and Wildfires

I remember my first winter in Nederland. It was the night before Thanksgiving. I woke up at 2 a.m., because I literally felt the house moving, creaking. The wind was howling. I got up and stared out the upper windows that faced west. Huge lodgepole pines were bowing back and... read more →
Sep 30

Ember Showers

How can something so tiny cause so much destruction? An ember by itself seems so innocent – one tiny glowing speck. But make no mistake, embers or “firebrands” can ignite your home as easily as direct flame contact. Embers are usually pieces of twigs or branches that have caught fire.... read more →
Sep 01
Aug 01

Social Distancing for Trees?

"But I moved to the mountain to live in the woods. If I do fire mitigation, I won't have any trees left. I love the trees!" It's a common refrain I hear from people when the subject of fire mitigation comes up. Sometimes, I feel like the anti-Lorax. You know,... read more →
Jun 29

The First Five Feet

Piles of ashes surrounded by green trees. These are the enduring images I take away from photos of recent wildfires like the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. As a mountain resident, it's hard to wrap my brain around these photos. How is it possible for a house to burn down... read more →
May 27
Apr 25
Mar 26
Feb 24

I Got Certified! Now What?

You cut your trees, filled the gaps in the siding and swept away pine needles.  By passing your final inspection, you received your Wildfire Partners yard sign and certificate. Now what? Wildfire mitigation is not a one and done event.  To remain effective, it requires regular maintenance.  What kinds of... read more →