A Small But Mighty Mitigation Action

Have you ever evacuated in the middle of a firestorm? It can be a frightening, heart-pounding experience. Not only are you trying calm your nerves as you escape to safety, but you are trying to navigate roads in the pitch dark. You can barely see ten feet in front of your car. During a wildfire, […]

What Drought Means for Wildfire Mitigation

How low can it go? It doesn’t look like a lake anymore. The image that comes to mind is a dried up mud puddle, thirsting for water. Lines mark the parched banks showing where water used to be just a mere eight months ago. In all my time in Nederland, I’d never seen it this […]

Wildfire Awareness Begins in Winter

Wanting to get some fresh air, we decided to go for a walk with the dogs in the neighborhood. Though it was getting dark, we had flashlights and sturdy winter boots. Suddenly, an orange glow permeated the dusky sky. Orange flames shot above the roof of the house just down the road. What was going […]

A La Nina Winter and Wildfires

I remember my first winter in Nederland. It was the night before Thanksgiving. I woke up at 2 a.m., because I literally felt the house moving, creaking. The wind was howling. I got up and stared out the upper windows that faced west. Huge lodgepole pines were bowing back and forth from the force of […]