House in an ember storm

Wildfires are a natural occurrence in Boulder County, happening anywhere and anytime. In fact, there have been fires recorded every month of the year in locations that span the entire county.


This page contains resources to help you understand your risk and prepare for future wildfires.

Reducing risk begins with understanding origins.

Lightning is the most common natural cause of wildfires in Boulder County. As development and recreation increase, human behavior takes on an increasing role in wildfire ignition, currently accounting for close to 90 percent of all ignitions within the county. These origins include:

Humans cause 90 percent of the Wildfires in Boulder County in the Following Ways:

Accidental: Sparks from machinery, prescribed and agricultural burns, equipment malfunctions

Carelessness: Campfires, cigarretes, or fireworks

Purposeful: Arson and other malicious intent

Be Aware.

What should you look for on days when conditions are high for wildfire?
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Be Prepared

What should you do to prepare for wildfire in Boulder County?
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Campaign Spotlight: Mitigation Basics

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News & Information

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