Sometimes seeing is a lot better than reading.

Wildfire Partners YouTube is a clearinghouse of information about our program.


Wildfire Partners Cold Springs Fire Success Stories

(5:56) Learn how all eight Wildfire Partners homes in the Cold Springs Fire burn area survived the Cold Springs fire.

What Does Mitigation Look Like?

(5:27) A Wildfire Partners Mitigation Specialist, homeowner and contractor show the process of tree removal and the benefits that come from mitigating trees on your property

Wildfire Partners Home Assessment Video

(6:38) Learn what to expect during a Wildfire Partners home assessment.

Properly Insure Your Home Against Wildfire

(7:07) One of the most important lessons learned from the Fourmile Fire is that most homes are dramatically and systematically underinsured against wildfire.

Armed Against Wildfires | Weather Warriors

(6:48) Despite heavy fire suppression efforts over the last hundred years, our changing climate and consistent dry weather has led to the evolution of fire “season” into a year-round crisis.

Wildfire Partners Program Participants Share Their Experiences

(4:37) Hear how Wildfire Partners participants have benefitted from wildfire mitigation.

Teens help protect Boulder County homes from wildfires

(1:43) Clearing fire fuels is physically demanding and can get expensive. A group of teenagers is helping homeowners get the work done.

BARA and Boulder County Wildfire Partners Message to Realtors

(9:33) BARA and Boulder County Wildfire Partners Message to Realtors

Saving Gold Hill: The Story of the Fourmile Canyon Fire

(12:53) The Fourmile Canyon Fire threatened the historic town of Gold Hill. Residents and firefighters tell this remarkable story of just how close they came to losing their homes and their history.

Program Offers Wildfire Mitigation For Homeowners In High Risk Areas

(2:02) Homeowners encourage those living in path of future fires to make changes.

Wildfire Partners Helping Boulder County Residents Mitigate Their Property

(3:07) Wildfire Partners have been working with Boulder County residents to help them mitigate their properties to protect them in a wildfire situation.