Program Partners

Our Program Partners

Those who support our program and help us achieve success

Since 2013, many organizations and groups have worked with Boulder County to develop and implement Wildfire Partners. We are grateful for their assistance and partnership. As our name implies, we all need to work together in partnership to help make our communities safer. Some of these partners have shared their logos with us; others have not.

If your organization or company is interested in becoming a Wildfire Partners program partner, or your organization is already working with us and you don’t see your logo below, please contact us at or call 303-441-1420.

Local Fire Protection Districts

Your local fire protection district is a great resource for learning more about the threat of wildfires and fire behavior in your specific area.  We appreciate the valuable insight and knowledge that local fire officials provide to our team of mitigation specialists.  If you have specific questions about wildfire risk in your area, contacting your local fire protection district is a good place to start.

Local, State, and Federal Government

Wildfire Partners is Boulder County’s wildfire mitigation program. The program also offers select services to residents of the ten local municipalities in the county. Our partnerships with local, state, and federal government agencies helps strengthen our community services.

All these organizations ensure a bright future for the Wildfire Partners program.

Insurance Industry

Wildfire Partners is recognized by many insurance companies as a valuable resource in educating home owners about wildfire mitigation.  We currently have agreements in place with Allstate Insurance, State Farm and USAA to help with obtaining insurance.

Many insurance companies accept a Wildfire Partner certificate as proof of required fire mitigation.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance & Information Association (RMIIA) offers helpful information on the fire mitigation through their website, Wildfire and Insurance.

Community Groups and Non-Profit Organizations

Many of our local businesses provide support to our program.  These local businesses assist home owners with purchasing the right tools and educating them on how to perform specific mitigation actions.

We spread the word to homeowners about our program with the assistance of non-governmental organizations. Wildfire mitigation done on a community-wide basis can help reduce wildfire risk.

Community work groups like Saws and Slaws help homeowners with limited financial resources. What better way to help your neighbors and get to know them better than by attending a workday event!  If you don’t have a community volunteer group that performs wildfire mitigation in your area, think about starting one.

Local Realtors

Performing wildfire mitigation around your home can be a great benefit to selling your home.  Attaining fire insurance can be a challenge for a new home owner.  A home that is certified through the Wildfire Partners program provides added assurance to a buyer.  We thank our local realtors for advising buyers and sellers about the value of our program.

The Colorado Association of Realtors details tools and resources through its Project Wildfire, whose mission is to reduce and prevent the destruction of land, property and lives through education and awareness.

Wildfire Research

Research on wildfire behavior and mitigation is constantly evolving.  Local universities and agencies conduct research on a regular basis, helping us to understand the science of mitigation. We incorporate these findings into our services, providing home owners with the latest and most effective fire mitigation information.

Local Businesses

Many of our local businesses provide support to our program.  These local businesses assist homeowners with purchasing the right tools and educating them on how to perform specific mitigation actions. They also help provide uses and markets for material generated from mitigation efforts.