Nov 03

Low Limbing Trees

"I speak for the trees!" said the Lorax. Though it can often seem we're the anti-Lorax, in fact wildfire mitigation can make the forest that surrounds your home much healthier. Depending on the location, you can often retain healthy conifers around your home by low limbing ... read more →
Oct 04

Are You Underinsured?

"It's gone. Our house is gone." I could hear the sadness and despair in their voice. My heart went out to my friends who lost their home in a recent wildfire. What could be more gut wrenching than losing your home, your personal belongings? It's the worst kind of heartache.... read more →
Sep 01

Where’s Your Wood Pile?

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you've been seeing a lot of sawing, splitting and stacking going on the last few weeks. As we enter the month of September, everyone's assembling their wood pile for the winter. If you are entirely dependent on wood stoves for heat, that pile... read more →
Aug 03
Jul 06

Here Come the House Guests

We all knew it was coming. After a year and a half of hanging out in sweat pants, vacuuming a little less often, dust accumulating on window sills, and ignoring the pet fur accumulating on the couch, it's here. "Hey Leslie, we got vaccinated and we were thinking we'd come... read more →
Jun 03

What’s Under Your Deck?

It's so easy to do. We had just finished putting new decking on our deck and had some extra pieces left over. Where to put it? Under the deck! The area under the deck is easy to use as a catch-all for stuff. Stuff that you can't fit into your... read more →
May 04

Are You Ready for Wildfire Season?

I remember the day we got our Wildfire Partners certificate. After working diligently for months, we finally completed all our Required Items. I sort of held my breath as our mitigation specialist walked around checking off the items. "Congratulations, you passed!" Whew.  We planted our Wildfire Partners sign out by... read more →
Apr 01
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