Application F.A.Q.


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Q: Should I submit an application if my answer to one or more of the eligibility requirement questions is “no”?

A. No, failure to meet any of the program’s eligibility requirements will disqualify your application.

Please do not submit an application unless you meet all eligibility criteria.  You must live in the wildfire zones of Boulder County, you must own the home in question, and you are willing to sign the liability waiver.  City of Boulder residents are not eligible.

Q: What am I committing to by checking “yes” to implementing mitigation measures for as long as I am in my home?

A: You are agreeing to maintain the mitigation you implemented in the years to come.

Mitigation is not a one-time event — you must perform regular maintenance in order for for mitigation to remain effective and reduce your risk.

Q: If I encourage my neighbors to apply, do I receive any financial benefits from the program?

A: No, but wildfire mitigation is much more effective when done a community-wide basis.  By encouraging your neighbors to join the program, you’ll reduce risk to both your home and the community as a whole.

Q: I have a wood shake roof that has received a Class A fire rating, does it need to be replaced?

A: Any ignition-resistant roofing material that has received a Class A fire rating is considered acceptable.

Q: What if I want to do the work myself or hire someone who is not on the 2018 Wildfire Partners Forestry Contractors List?

A: How you do the work has no bearing on your acceptance into the program. However, financial awards are only awarded to home owners using approved contractors to complete forestry work.

Answering “Yes” to this question does not commit you to hiring a contractor from the list. We are only asking if you would be willing to consider hiring a contractor from the list.  By doing so, you give yourself the option to hire someone else if you find you don’t have the time to do it yourself.  The list is located under Forestry and Home Contractors.

Q:What financial assistance does Wildfire Partners provide?

A: Wildfire Partners can provide two types of financial assistance.

Standard awards and need-based assistance are both available to applicants. Standard awards are 50% of Wildfire Partners Forestry Contractor costs up to $2,500, whichever is less.

Need-based assistance is available to those on limited incomes to cover 100% of the costs.  If you have previously qualified for a government program that uses formal income criteria for acceptance, there is a good chance you will qualify for need-based assistance from Wildfire Partners. If you can formally document your need, then you should check “Yes” for the Additional Financial Assistance question and request a separate form.

Q: What mitigation actions are eligible for Wildfire Partners Financial Awards?

A: Only forestry and vegetation-related work conducted by an approved Wildfire Partners Forestry Contractor are eligible for support.

Q: Am I obligated to pay the amount I select for the “Willingness To Pay” question?

A: You are not bound to pay the amount you select when you answer this question.

Q: What do you consider “wildfire mitigation work?”

A:The list is varied and can include removing vegetation and trees to work on the exterior of your home.

Common examples of this work include cutting grasses, raking pine needles, cleaning up debris, removing shrubs, cutting and/or low limbing trees, screening vents, filling holes and gaps in walls, and other minor retrofits to reduce the ignitions potential of your home. If you are interested in learning more about what is involved in wildfire mitigation, read the Colorado State Forest Service Defensible Space Quick Guide.

Q: How and when will I be told if my application has been accepted?

A: In most cases, you will be notified by email within one week of your application.

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive an email notification requesting you to submit a waiver and make payment.  Once we receive your waiver and payment, you are ready to schedule your home assessment.