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Who we are

Wildfire Partners is a mitigation program to help homeowners prepare for wildfire. As part of Boulder County’s Community Planning & Permitting department, we assist all mountain and foothills residents throughout the county. Wildfire Partners is a nationally recognized model for wildfire mitigation that is incorporated into Boulder County’s building code.

The home of David and Trise Ruskay at 50 Sherwood Road, pictured on July 21, 2016. The Ruskay's credit the wildfire mitigation work they did - with the assistance and guidance from Wildfire Partners - with helping to save their home.
Over the last few years, David and Trise Ruskay have been thinning and taking lower limbs off all the trees around his house, removing about 30 pine and spruce trees. They removed juniper and kinnikinnick bushes completely in that 30 foot range as well. The Ruskay’s performed his mitigation with the advice of Wildfire Partners.
As the flames steamed up his driveway, David ran along with Timberline and Nederland firefighter and only had about five minutes to take what he could. “I returned expecting to see very little left of our home and gorgeous property. What I found was a 360 degree 50 foot swath all the way around the house in which there sat a green island, our house untouched in the middle of it and black everywhere beyond that line.” 
David is clear. He did not save his home from this fire. “Local, not so local and not even close to local firefighters saved it. They risked life and limb to make sure my wife Trise and I had a place to return to. All I did was help them make it happen.” 
“For those of my close neighbors that lost all, I am so very sorry. They need our help and support and are sure to get it. Those that survived can thank their consistent and diligent mitigation and all the agencies that were fearless and brilliant in their attack.” 
David’s advice, “Invest the time and money necessary to automatically produce the most successful outcome possible. I can’t describe adequately how great it feels to be home again safe and sound.”

What we do

We provide education on how to mitigate your home against the threat of wildfires.  Upon acceptance to our program, a mitigation specialist will visit your property to do an assessment.  We will send you a comprehensive report recommending actions to take.  Upon completion of these required items, you will receive certification that can be used as proof of mitigation for insurance purposes.

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See our progress

Year Program Started – 2014

Homeowners participating in program — 3000+

Certified home owners — 1200+

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