Wildfire Partners Plains Pilot Project

Plains Pilot Project

Please note that the application period for the Plains Pilot Project has already passed (the deadline was June 30, 2022). Applications are no longer being accepted.

Do you live in the eastern plains of unincorporated Boulder County? Are you interested in mitigating your home against wildfire?

For wildfire mitigation purposes, we divide Boulder County between the western mountains and forests (Wildfire Zone 1) and the eastern plains and grasslands (Wildfire Zone 2).

In the past, Wildfire Partners and this website have only served residents in the western mountains and forests of Boulder County (Wildfire Zone 1).

In response to the Marshall Fire, we have launched a new pilot project to 1) help homeowners on the plains take action to reduce their wildfire risk, and 2) test key elements of Wildfire Partners on the plains. If you live in unincorporated Boulder County within Wildfire Zone 2, please read further and consider applying.

If you live in Wildfire Zone 1, please visit our main website for more information and to apply for our existing Wildfire Partners program. (Please note that all information on the Wildfire Partners website, aside from this page, is intended for residents in Wildfire Zone 1 only.)


Project Description


  • Help residents of the plains prepare for future wildfires.
  • Test select elements of the Wildfire Partners program with homeowners who live on the plains
  • Evaluate the feasibility of implementing future mitigation programs on the plains

Project Components

The Plains Pilot Project is significantly different from the existing Wildfire Partners program. Key elements of the pilot project include:

  • A free, individual, on-site, wildfire home assessment with a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.
  • A customized report that identifies the weak links in your home’s defenses – This report will specify what actions you should take to reduce your vulnerability to wildfire. It will include your checklist of items to mitigate, annotated photos of your vulnerabilities, and additional information on wildfire mitigation and preparedness.
  • A follow-up survey to solicit feedback on the pilot project.

The pilot project does NOT include:

  • Financial awards to subsidize the cost of implementing wildfire mitigation measures. Pilot project participants will be responsible for paying for all mitigation measures themselves.
  • A final inspection or other follow-up visit. Pilot project participants will only receive one site visit—the initial assessment.
  • A Wildfire Partners certificate, letter and yard sign stating that you have mitigated your home. Pilot project participants will not receive these benefits. (The pilot project is not intended to help homeowners obtain insurance and was not designed in partnership with insurance companies.)
  • Access to the Wildfire Partners Chipping Program.


Applicants must live in unincorporated Boulder County within Wildfire Zone 2 to participate. Residents in the incorporated areas of Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Superior are not eligible. (This pilot is being funded and staffed by Boulder County.)Applicants must own their home, and it must be their primary residence. (Renters and secondary residences/rental properties are not eligible.)Applicants must be present for the on-site assessment. (A limited number of appointment options will be available, so having a flexible schedule is required.) The number of participants in the pilot project is limited.

Priority Areas

The pilot project does not have geographic priority areas. We are seeking broad representation from across the county rather than a large number of participants from a handful of communities. We are also looking for a variety of property sizes and properties with different risk factors. See application questions for details.

The deadline for submitting this application was June 30, 2022. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why was the scope of this project limited?

Following the Marshall Fire, the demand for this project is very high. However, staff capacity and funding is limited, and we have not received new funding to implement this pilot project.

Why was this a pilot project?

Boulder County has over 30 years of experience implementing wildfire mitigation programs in the mountains (Wildfire Zone 1). Boulder County has no experience implementing wildfire mitigation programs on the plains (Wildfire Zone 2). The purpose of the pilot project is to test some key components of Wildfire Partners on the plains.