Noncombustible Barrier

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Dual Function

This noncombustible barrier made of brick also functions as an outdoor living space.

Dual Function
Paver Terraces

These red stone pavers complement
the stained siding while creating the necessary 5-foot barrier.

Stone Pavers

Using gravel over weed barrier is budget friendly, and easy to maintain long-term.

Budget Friendly
Decorative Patio

Combining geometric shapes of flagstone with pockets of gravel creates an attractive non-combustible patio area.

Decorative Patio
Artistry with Gravel

Have some fun with fire mitigation! Combining different colors of gravel into artistic shapes makes this barrier beautiful.

Artistry with
Artistry with Gravel
Coop wire filled with rocks forming terrace around corner of building

This homeowner created an innovative terrace to keep their barrier intact on a steeper slope.

Challenges of
Steep Slopes
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