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Wildfire Partners Community Chipping Program

Wildfire Partners has redesigned its chipping program and application to better serve all Boulder County residents. This community-based program, now called the Wildfire Partners Community Chipping Program, is teaming up with private contractors to offer free chipping services to groups of five or more neighbors.

The Chipping Program is a free service provided by the Wildfire Mitigation Sales Tax (formerly known as the 1A initiative). Thank you for your support!

   Chipping Frequently Asked Questions


How Does the Program Work?

If you’re a homeowner in Boulder County and want to organize a chipping event for your community, here is how the process works:

1. Apply and Get Approved: Fill out a simple application to host a chipping event for your community. This makes you the “Chipping Event Host” for your neighborhood.

¬†2. Application Review: The Wildfire Partners team will review your application, and within 1-2 weeks they will let you know if it’s approved.

3. Next Steps Email: Once approved, you will get an email from the Wildfire Partners Chipping Coordinator. This email will include a list of approved chipping contractors in Boulder County along with instructions on how to contact and schedule one for your event. The contractor will also remind you about the requirements for slash piles (the material you want to be chipped.)

4. Choose a Contractor: It is your job to pick a contractor from the approved list and set a date for the chipping event. Once you have set the date, let Wildfire Partners know via an online form.

5. Educate Your Neighbors: Work with your neighbors who are joining the event to help them understand how to prepare their slash piles for the chipping day.

6. Chipping Event Day: When the day arrives, the contractor comes to the event location. They will chip the slash piles (at each property) and take the wood chips to authorized donation spots in Boulder County.

7. Payment: Once the chipping work is finished, Wildfire Partners handles the bill and pays the contractor directly.

Before you fill out the application, make sure you have the names, addresses, and a slash pile size estimation of at least 5 of the properties who will join the chipping event. You will need to include this information in the application.

Remember, you need to have at least 5 properties (including you as the Chipping Event Host) listed to get your application approved.


Wildfire Partners Community Chipping Application

For additional questions not listed in the Chipping FAQ, please contact Chipping Coordinator Zack Bertges at

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