If you’re part of our program, please share your stories with us!

Working with Wildfire Partners was wonderful! They were professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I also gained a better understanding of steps to take to maintain the defensible space that I have established around my home.

Wildfire Partners homeowner

The level of professionalism, responsiveness and simple concern and caring for our situation displayed by each individual we have had the pleasure of working with made the process so much easier and as this certificate proves, successful. It truly gives us piece of mind that our homeowners insurance will continue unaffected and of course that our house is safer.

Paul and Karen
2016 Certified Homeowners

We think this was an excellent program and we will continue to work on mitigation on our property. The education was superior.

Wildfire Partners homeowner

Wildfire Partners has been an outstanding resource for us Boulder County residents in the Wildland Urban Interface/foothills. Many of the homeowners in my neighborhood have benefited from the excellent WFP’s advice.

Wildfire Partners homeowner

“Those that survived [Cold Springs Fire] can thank their consistent and diligent mitigation and all agencies that were fearless and brilliant in their attack.”

2016 Certified Homeowner

Very much appreciate the support and education provided by Wildfire Partners, I could not have done it without you AND I’m totally inspired to maintain what I have created. Even had two firefighters who told me they would now, after mitigation work, “defend” my space…

“My insurance company wildfire team was raving about it   [mitigated property] and took a bunch of photos for their fire mitigation library. It would make a true believer out of any mountain home owner as to the value of fire mitigation.”

2015 Certified Homeowner