Fire Mitigation Work in a "Race Against Time"

The Wildfire Partners Program helps homeowners take proactive actions to protect their homes against wildfire.

Wildfire Partners Can Help With Insurance

Insurance companies are cracking down on home owners living in the Wildland-Urban Interface.  Wildfire Partners can help satisfy mitigation requirements, allowing home owners to renew their insurance.

New York Times Touts Wildfire Partners as a Model

Other states like California can look to Wildfire Partners as a model of what can be done to prevent destruction from wildfires.

What Happens When You Buy a Home in a Disaster Zone?

Property owners have to take responsibility for protecting their homes from potential disasters like wildfires and floods.

Year-round Wildfires are the New Normal

"The blazes currently ripping up and down the western part of the United States are here to stay. Large chunks of the West are under siege from wildfires right now, in what many experts have deemed “the new normal.""

Wildfire Season Is Now A Rubik’s Cube Of Homeowner Action, Insurance Concerns

As the state braces for May, long considered the start to Colorado’s wildfire season, first responders, the insurance industry and government officials are warning homeowners to not be complacent.

Climate-Driven Wildfire

"What’s more, over the last four decades, the Western U.S. has experienced a “dramatic increase” in wildfires “tightly correlated” to climate change, according to Tania Schoennagel with the Department of Geography and Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at CU."

PCI Announces Grant for Boulder County's Wildfire Partners' Mitigation Program

The Property Casualty Association of America (PCI), awarded a $5,000 grant to Boulder County's Wildfire Partners to support the program's work with homeowners living in high-risk wildfire communities.

Boulder County Touts Mitigation Program's Success in Limiting Cold Springs Fire Damage

8 homes located in the Cold Springs Fire burn perimeter were left standing after participating in The Wildfire Partners Program.

Boulder Wildfire Mitigation Program Could Become Template For State

The Wildfire Partners program has become a model for wildfire mitigation programs across the state.