Wildfire Partners is still providing services during this public health crisis. Our office is now being staffed remotely and can be reached by calling our main number, 303-441-1420. We are also answering emails sent to

We are offering assessments and final inspections, while employing social distancing protocols to protect the public safety of our employees and homeowners. We do require homeowners to wear a mask or face covering during assessments. Our protocols include:

  • Homeowners, mitigation specialists, and any other personnel on site are required to wear face coverings/masks for the assessment or inspection. If someone does not have a mask, one will be provided by the mitigation specialist.
  • A minimum 6-foot buffer will be maintained between all people on site during the assessment.
  • Mitigation specialist will not enter or touch any surfaces connect to the home or accessory structures.
  • No sharing of tools or documents is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to documents, writing instruments, or electronic devices.
  • Mitigation specialist will use hand sanitizer before and after each inspection.
  • Final inspections may be conducted with the homeowner present, if they are amenable to that.
  • The mitigation specialist will decide on a case by case basis if the assessment or inspection can proceed with the option to decline at any time.

For more guidance on COVID-19, please visit Boulder County Public Health’s website or the CDC website.