Getting Your Deck Ready for Wildfire Season

Years ago, my husband and I discussed our dream house – where would it be, what would it look like. “I want a house in the mountains. More than anything, I want to have a deck where I can hang out and see the mountains.” Years later, we got that mountain home in Nederland and […]

Are You Prepared for Wildfire Season?

I still remember the day the Fourmile Canyon Fire started. It was Labor Day, 2010. We were trying to put in a new shed, and the winds were blowing so hard it was difficult to keep a hold of the wood. Suddenly, I saw a huge mushroom cloud arise out of nowhere in what had […]

Do-it-Yourself Fire Mitigation – Home Retrofits

During this time of uncertainty with a public health emergency, wildfire mitigation might be the last thing on your mind. But make no mistake, wildfire season is coming regardless of the circumstances in the world. With a county-wide “Stay-at-Home” order in place, doing wildfire mitigation can be a great use of your time. Using your […]