Low Limbing Trees

"I speak for the trees!" said the Lorax.

Though it can often seem we're the anti-Lorax, in fact wildfire mitigation can make the forest that surrounds your home much healthier. Depending on the location, you can often retain healthy conifers around your home by low limbing them instead of removing them altogether.

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Are You Underinsured?

"It's gone. Our house is gone."

I could hear the sadness and despair in their voice. My heart went out to my friends who lost their home in a recent wildfire. What could be more gut wrenching than losing your home, your personal belongings? It's the worst kind of heartache.

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Where's Your Wood Pile?

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you've been seeing a lot of sawing, splitting and stacking going on the last few weeks. As we enter the month of September, everyone's assembling their wood pile for the winter. If you are entirely dependent on wood stoves for heat, that pile could include several cords.

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What's Keeping You From Getting Certified?

Maybe it's that pesky address marker. Or it's that tree that you're feeling sentimental about. Or it's something on your report that you haven't the slightest idea of how to do.

Maybe it's money.

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Here Come the House Guests

We all knew it was coming. After a year and a half of hanging out in sweat pants, vacuuming a little less often, dust accumulating on window sills, and ignoring the pet fur accumulating on the couch, it's here.

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What's Under Your Deck?

It's so easy to do. We had just finished putting new decking on our deck and had some extra pieces left over. Where to put it?

Under the deck!

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Are You Ready for Wildfire Season?

I remember the day we got our Wildfire Partners certificate. After working diligently for months, we finally completed all our Required Items. I sort of held my breath as our mitigation specialist walked around checking off the items.

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So, You've Just Moved to the Foothills...

I remember the day we moved into our home in Nederland. For years, I’d dreamed of living in the mountains of Colorado. Cool summers, and views of snow capped peaks. Nirvana!

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A Small but Mighty Mitigation Action

Have you ever evacuated in the middle of a firestorm?

It can be a frightening, heart-pounding experience. Not only are you trying calm your nerves as you escape to safety, but you are trying to navigate roads in the pitch dark. You can barely see ten feet in front of your car.

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What Drought Means for Wildfire Mitigation

How low can it go?

It doesn't look like a lake anymore. The image that comes to mind is a dried up mud puddle, thirsting for water. Lines mark the parched banks showing where water used to be just a mere eight months ago. In all my time in Nederland, I'd never seen it this low.

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Wildfire Awareness Begins in Winter

Wanting to get some fresh air, we decided to go for a walk with the dogs in the neighborhood. Though it was getting dark, we had flashlights and sturdy winter boots. Suddenly, an orange glow permeated the dusky sky. Orange flames shot above the roof of the house just down the road.

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A La Nina Winter and Wildfires

I remember my first winter in Nederland.

It was the night before Thanksgiving. I woke up at 2 a.m., because I literally felt the house moving, creaking.

The wind was howling.

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Ember Showers

How can something so tiny cause so much destruction?

An ember by itself seems so innocent – one tiny glowing speck.

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A Look Back: Fourmile Canyon Fire

What I remember most was the wind.

The howling, gusting, torrential winds coming off the mountains that day.

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Social Distancing for Trees?

"But I moved to the mountain to live in the woods. If I do fire mitigation, I won't have any trees left. I love the trees!"

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The First Five Feet

Piles of ashes surrounded by green trees.

These are the enduring images I take away from photos of recent wildfires like the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

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Getting Your Deck Ready for Wildfire Season

Years ago, my husband and I discussed our dream house – where would it be, what would it look like.

“I want a house in the mountains. More than anything, I want to have a deck where I can hang out and see the mountains.”

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Are You Prepared for Wildfire Season?

I still remember the day the Fourmile Canyon Fire started.

It was Labor Day, 2010. We were trying to put in a new shed, and the winds were blowing so hard it was difficult to keep a hold of the wood. Suddenly, I saw a huge mushroom cloud arise out of nowhere in what had been a clear blue sky.

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Do-it-Yourself Fire Mitigation - Home Retrofits

During this time of uncertainty with a public health emergency, wildfire mitigation might be the last thing on your mind.

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I Got Certified. Now What?

You cut your trees, filled the gaps in the siding and swept away pine needles.  By passing your final inspection, you received your Wildfire Partners yard sign and certificate.

Now what?

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