2019 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 Photo Contest Winners!  We received over 80 entries of terrific photos.  Thanks to all who participated and for capturing your mitigation work on film!

First Place - Andrew Goldman


1ST place Goldman 1

It takes a village to move a tree....

Second Place - Deborah Glovatsky


2ND place Glkovatsky 2

Even man's best friend knows to practice safety first!

Third Place - David Specht


3RD place David Specht 1

You're never too young to mitigate!

Yard Sign Winner -- Andrea Begin


YARD SIGN WINNER Begin yard sign 2

"We're a Wildfire Partners family!"

Honorable Mention - Brian Whitney


HM Brian Whitney 1

Good company makes for fun mitigating!

Honorable Mention - Ingrid Ching


HM Ching 2

Practice makes perfect when chain sawing...

Honorable Mention - Kara Csibrik


HM Csibrik 3

A mountain of slash makes a good place to rest...

Honorable Mention - John Parker


HM John Parker

That certainly lightened the load!

Honorable Mention - Alex Knights


HM Knights Photo 2

Fido supervises mitigation work...

Honorable Mention - Meredith Graham


HM M.-Graham_Wildfire-Mitigation-Photo

Girl power takes care of that tree!

Honorable Mention - Matthew Meyer


HM Matthew Meyer 1

One stone, two stone, three stone, four...

Honorable Mention - Yasmeen Sokol


HM Yasmeen Sokol 15

Father-daughter Mitigation Day!

Honorable Mention - Tricia Stahr


HM Tricia Stahr 2

Hauling slash is a great workout!

Honorable Mention - Stephanie Higgins


HM Higgins

One more load of rock will do it!