PCI Announces Grant for Boulder County's Wildfire Partners' Mitigation Program

The Property Casualty Association of America (PCI), awarded a $5,000 grant to Boulder County's Wildfire Partners to support the program's work with homeowners living in high-risk wildfire communities.

Wildfire Panel Meets In Nederland

A group of wildfire panelists form Boulder County mountain fire districts, state fire management teams, Allstate Insurance and Saws and Slaws greeted about 50 people to discuss wildfire reality in our region.

Boulder County Touts Mitigation Program's Success in Limiting Cold Springs Fire Damage

8 homes located in the Cold Springs Fire burn perimeter were left standing after participating in The Wildfire Partners Program.

What We All Can Learn from the Recent Cold Springs Fire

Firefighters, wildfire mitigation and Wildfire Partners save homes in the Cold Springs Fire.

Boulder Wildfire Mitigation Program Could Become Template For State

The Wildfire Partners program has become a model for wildfire mitigation programs across the state.

FEMA Grant Helps Boulder County Homeowners Prepare For Wildfires, Get Insurance

Boulder County homeowners get grant money for mitigation, protecting their home and firefighters.

FEMA Grant to Fuel Ongoing Work of Boulder County's Wildfire Partners

Significant financial awards from FEMA and Colorado Department of Natural Resources aides Boulder County Homeowners.

Wildfire Mitigation Program Helps Homeowners Create Safer Communities

The Wildfire Partners Program encourages community strengthening through consistent and constant mitigation efforts.

Boulder County Inviting Mountain Residents to be Wildfire Partners

The program is aimed at Boulder County homeowners interested in making their homes less vulnerable to wildfires.