Our assessment fee for 2017 is $100.

Applicants accepted into the program may have their assessment fee waived and receive a free assessment if they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Homeowners who host or volunteer at a 2017 Saws and Slaws event.
  2. Firefighters who possess a valid Red Card (Incident Qualification Card for Wildland Firefighting).
  3. Participants with a documented financial need. See our online application. You must first be accepted into the program and submit a need-based financial award application to be considered for a free assessment.
  4. Homeowners who agree to perform all of the forestry work themselves and waive any financial award. Many homeowners choose to do their own mitigation work. They have often performed this work in the past and enjoy doing it themselves. Note: Some homeowners have a significant amount of work to do and want to take advantage of the financial award (it can be up to $2,500) so think twice before agreeing to waive your financial award.
  5. Accepted applicants who use the Boulder Community Forestry Sort Yards in 2017.
  6. New homeowners who have purchased their home since January 1, 2016.
  7. Participants who attend an official Wildfire Partners Community Meeting (neighborhood, HOA and fire district meetings qualify.) Anyone may organize and host a meeting. A member of the Wildfire Partners team must attend and present the program during the meeting. At least four eligible Boulder County homeowners who have not yet applied to the program must attend the entire meeting for all attendees to qualify for free coupons.

Note: In 2016, Wildfire Partners offered free assessment to homeowners who applied during October Wildfire Awareness Month. This same promotion will not be offered again in 2017 because of grant deadlines.